5 Great places to eat gluten free in Berlin

It’s a great city to visit with plenty to see and do, but on my first trip to Berlin I found that gluten free options were a little thin on the ground. After a little research I did manage to find some great places to eat gluten free in Berlin with more than enough options to cover a short break or weekend away.

5 places to eat gluten free in berlin

1. Silo coffee


Silo coffee logoA great little shop that wouldn’t be out of place in central London. Serving up great coffee with a small selection of tasty food. We stopped off here for breakfast. While it’s a little out of the way, its only about a 10minute walk from the end of the East Side Gallery so a great place to head for breakfast or lunch if your over that way.

I stopped off for brunch and had avocado on toast with poached eggs and bacon but their gluten free toast can be served up with most of their breakfast and brunch options, plus you get a killer cup of coffee to get you going for a day of sightseeing.


2. Cielo di Berlino


Cielo di berlino logoIf your after pizza, then look no further, this great little restaurant serves up 20+ varieties all of which can be served on a buckwheat base. On my last visit I tucked into one topped with fresh chillies, salami, hot peppers and mozzarella.

They prepare their gluten free bases separately from the main kitchen so you don’t have to worry about cross contamination.


3. Cha Cha


A great Thai fusion restaurant just a few minutes walk from Checkpoint Charlie, this is a great place to stop off if anyone in your party has any food allergies. Their menu is clearly marked with Vegetarian, gluten free and lactose free options and is available in english.

While it isn’t classic Bavarian cuisine, I had an amazing Duck and asparagus red curry, definitely worth stopping by if you fancy something a little spicy.


4. Chutnify


Specialising in Indian Dosa (made from rice an gram flour), a lot of whats on offer here is naturally gluten free.

You can get the classic dosa or a wide selection of curries along with a bunch of sides including Dals, rice and salads. You can eat in or takeaway so its a perfect place to pick up lunch on the go between seeing the sights.


5. Aunt Benny’s 


I have to admit, I nearly walked past this place. There something about a fresh sandwich shop that immediately makes me think there’s no point even checking the menu for options.

However its a great looking little cafe so we stopped off for a coffee. Only when queuing to order some drinks did I look into the cabinets and see gluten free options available so of course I ordered up a slice of cake with my drink and we went back the following day for lunch, and was glad that I did.

They have different options daily, and from my experience the staff are happy to make you up a gluten free version of anything in the cabinet if you don’t see a gluten free one available. If your not in the mood for bread, they also have a range of soups, most of which are gluten free.


Bonus meal: Restaurant Sphere: The TV tower


I thought I’d leave this one separate form my main list as I’m not recommending it on the quality of the food, but the Berlin TV tower restaurant does offer a gluten free breakfast. It’s you usual continental breakfast, but served with gluten free bread. The bread left a lot to be desired (it reminded me of a hockey puck) and the rest of the meal was mediocre.

However, stunning food wasn’t why I visited, its a lot more about the experience. The view was amazing, and as the whole restaurant slowly rotates your get to see all of Berlin during your meal. I don’t think I’d go back, but I’m glad I went.


Do you know any more great places to get a gluten free meal in Berlin, add them to the comments and check out my other gluten free destination guides.


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